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Video-Clip: At the doctor’s office

By Stop FGM Middle East. 4.2.2015. In the Iraqi Kurdish region a law against FGM is in place and all TV and radio-channels are airing information about FGM. This is part of a large-scale campaign against Female Genital Mutilation which is run by WADI and Unicef. Politicians, doctors, clerics, policemen and the media are supporting the battle against this harmful traditional practice. In this video-clip a doctor is explaining the harms of FGM to a mother seeking advice.

A woman says: “Dear doctor, what are the health disadvantages of FGM?” The doctor replies: “My dear, FGM has no benefits at all. It becomes a factor in the development of health, social and psychological problems. Medically it is not a necessary procedure; there is no medical reason. It can lead to bleeding, shock, pain, difficulty in urination, cuts in nearby body parts and difficulty in healing of the wound.“ The narrator says that FGM is illegal and the punishment is more severe if the perpetrators work in a medical profession.