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What can you do?

If you live in a Middle Eastern country there are plenty of things you can do: Start talking about FGM, raise awareness, talk to human and women’s rights activists, contact your local politician! We will provide you with material, hook you up with other Anti-FGM activists in your area and help you set up your own group.

If you are already part of a women’s or human rights group and want to start working on FGM, we can provide you with training, films and flyers, help you produce your own material and discuss the next steps.

If you don’t live in a Middle Eastern country and want to help, you can still support us. Social change needs money and we need your support.

Make a difference! Become part of the campaign against FGM in the Middle East!

Please contact us at:

Stop FGM Middle East

hannah.wettig at wadi-online.de

German Office phone ++49-30-23569682

Iraq Office phone ++964-7701-588173