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Video-Clip against FGM: Information makes a difference

By Stop FGM Middle East. 4.2.2015. In the Iraqi Kurdish region all relevant actors are embracing a large-scale campaign against Female Genital Mutilation which is run by WADI and Unicef. Politicians, doctors, clerics, policemen and the media are supporting the battle against this harmful traditional practice. In this video-clip which is shown on Kurdish television a remote village in the Kurdish mountains is shown. A man dressed in traditional Kurdish gown listens to a radio program informing people about the harms of FGM and the law which prohibts it. The woman a girl at her hand hears the program and chenges her mind about mutilating the girl. The two main actors, the man and the woman, are champions of the battle against FGM: Sarhad Ajeb is the Anjuman (village head) of Toutkhel, one of the FGM-Free villages in Iraq. He and his wife Nasreen are at the fore front of the campaign convincing neighboring villagers, presenting the cause in TV-shows an talking to press and politicians.


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