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Female Genital Mutilation in Iran: A new report

14.06.2014 By StopFGMMideast

A new report was just filed to UNCHR about the prevalence of FGM in various regions of Iran.

Some excerpts, you can download the whole document here

FGM in the Kurdish regions
The Kurdish regions of Iran include Kurdistan, Kermanshah, Ilam and south parts of western Azarbaigan province. The majority of the Kermanshah and Ilam population are Shi’as while most of the Kurds in Kurdistan and western Azerbaijan provinces are Sunnis of Shafi’i branch of Islam. Although FGM is widely practiced between Shafi’is, the practice lacks a blanket pattern. In some rural areas it is more or less done on girls, while in the neighbouring villages no one is even aware of it. For example in Kermanshah province, in the Gheshlagh village of Mansour Aghaie regions FGM is practiced, while in the Tazeh Abad of Seryas village, part of Ravansar town no case had been reported.

FGM in the Hormozgan region
Hormozgan is one of the most deprived and poorest states of Iran situated on the strait of Hormoz at the end mouth of the Persian Gulf. Hormozgan is one of the provinces in Iran where FGM is still practiced. The majority of the population are Sunnis of the Shafi’i branch. FGM statistics vary from 70% to 80% among female population. A
percentage of neighbouring Shia’at population practices FGM in case their daughters would later marry a Sunni. (…)

FGM in Iran: how widespread it is?
In addition to Kurdish regions and south of Iran, there are also reliable statistics on cases of FGM in Khoram Abad, Aleshtar and Kuhdasht of Lorestan province as the 6th province where FGM is documented. We believe that the practice might be implemented in other regions of the country as well. However, there are no official statistics on the practice