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Egypt sees drop in female genital mutilation

1.6.2015 Egypt has seen a decrease in the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM) by 13 percent according to a new study conducted by the 2014 Egypt Demographic Health Survey.

The survey found that despite the high occurrence of FGM in women between the ages of 15-49 years old (over 90 percent), the practice of FGM on girls aged between 15-17 years old has declined since the 2008 survey.


Hala Youssef, Egyptian State Population Minister said that the drop in support for the practice was due to a new law which bans FGM and prosecutes doctors who perform it, reported the Egyptian Independent news site. […]

“The large number that exceeds 90 percent of mothers does not bother me much, as the figure represents a sample of women who were born in the mid-seventies and eighties in the age group (35-49-years-old) and this age group will continue to be represented in the upcoming surveys for many years, but what bothers me most is that more than 80 percent of FGM cases are carried out by health service providers, despite the fact that the FGM practice is a clear violation of the ‘Ethical and Professional Charter for Physicians’,” he added.

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