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Project Updates


New religious opinions in Iran reject FGM

16.7.2015. The Iranian psychologist Osman Mahmoudi has collected the opinions of different theologists concerning female circumcision. Basing his arguments on these references he discussed with religious leaders in his predominantly Sunni hometown Javanrod in the Iranian province of Kermanshe about FGM. While before several mullahs had defended the practice as a religious necessity it now turned out that a significant number opposed it or at least saw no connection to Islam. (more…)

Why is there little interest in FGM in Asia on the FFD conference in Addis?

15.7.2015. By Hannah Wettig

Thanks to Orchid Project I was able to present the campaign against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in Iraqi Kurdistan and Asia at the side event of the conference on Financing for Development (FFD) in Addis Ababa. The panel on “Ending Female Genital Cutting” on Monday morning brought together people of quite different experiences. While Sister Fa reported how she supports education about FGM in her home country Senegal with money she collects herself, Domtila Chesang spoke about the village where she is from in Kenia. She decided to become an Anti-FGM activist when she saw the mutilation of her cousin and was terrified. Without support of her family she was still able to get an education at a near-by boarding school and is now happy to be supported by a broad coalition against FGM in Africa. This broad coalition was represented by Susan Bissell from Unicef who was proud to talk about the successes in Africa in the last couple years. David Hallam, director for international relations at the U.K. Department for International Development (DFID) said he wished they weren’t the biggest donor, because others should invest lots too, but he also mentioned Norway’s large investment.


News from Iran: Vice president for women affairs issued a program against FGM

10.7.2015. The Iranian vice president in women and family affairs issued a program against FGM in Iran. This program, submitted by Rayeheh Mozaffarian to this governmental section, has been approved and will be implied after allocating the needed resources and facilities.

“Developing an action against the procedures which are jeopardizing the health and well-being of girls under 18 and presenting a proposal to promote the legal system of the country in preserving the benefits of minors are some of this program’s plans” said Dr. Sussan Bastani, deputy of strategic studies in the presidential section for women and family affairs in Iran.

According to the definitions commonly presented by the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against women and the Committee of Children’s Rights, the harmful procedures are the traditional practices that are described by social and cultural norms.  FGM, early and forced marriage are some of the examples of these named practices which have been diminished gradually through a number of activities.

We should keep it in our mind that even one victim is too much.

Film review: “In the name of tradition” – FGM in Iran

29.6.2015. By Stop FGM Middle East. Together with his comprehensive study on female genital mutialtion in Iran, the Iranian anthropologist Kameel Ahmady has released a 30-minute film “In the name of tradition” about female genital mutilation (FGM) culture in Iran and how it is changing these days. The film has been shot already in 2006, but was re-edited and has been made publicly accesible for the first time now. (more…)

Radio program on female genital mutilation in Iran wins New York radio award

24.6.2015. By Stop FGM Middle East. The radio program “Tradition of the Blade” which addresses female genital mutilation (FGM) in Iran won a Gold Medal at the celebrated New York Festival International Radio Program Awards on June 22. The 30-minutes special was aired by Radio Farda, the Iran service of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, on November 25th, 2014. It was the first time, that a radio tackled this topic in Iran and this was done with great insight and in remarkable openness. (more…)

“We need a great revolution for women” – Account from an anti-FGM mobile teamer

22.5.2015. Kurdistan Rasul listens to mothers whose daughters died after female genital mutilation was performed on them. She discusses with men who don’t want to stop beating their wifes. And she stands up against Mullahs who call her names. (more…)

Campaign in Iraqi Kurdistan: Paying a visit to a Mullah who promoted FGM

20.5.2015. By Stop FGM Middle East. The shock was great when the Iraqi Kurdish Xelk Media Network reported about a Kurdish Mullah promoting female genital mutilation (FGM) on May 8th. Not only did Mullah Ali Kalak stress that Islam allows “female circumcision” but he demanded it to be done for the wellbeing of girls, claiming non-cut girls would enter illicit sexual affairs. (more…)

Saudi Fatwa: A practice that leads to women losing their sexual desire is bad

6.3.2015. On the Saudi Arabian TV show “Yastaftunak” (asking you for a Fatwa) Abdulrahim called Dr. Al Sheikh Abdul Aziz Fawzan for a Fatwa on FGM. Fawzan is a Saudi Professor of Islamic Law at Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic University and a member of the Teacher’s Board at al-Imam University. (more…)

New publication about FGM in Persian

13.2.2015. A local campaign against female genital mutilation (FGM) in the Iranian provinces of Kermansheh and Kurdistan has started with trainings for women, educating them about the harms of the practice. Now, Osman Mahmoudi and Mohammad Rauf Amini have translated one of WADI’s publication about FGM from Kurdish to Persian. (more…)

Video-Clip: At the mosque

By Stop FGM Middle East. 4.2.2015. Religious beliefs play an important role in the battle against Female genital mutilation (FGM). Clerics are part of the large-scale campaign against FGM in Iraqi Kurdistan. In this video-clip an Imam explains why FGM is not in accordance with Islam. It is one of four vidoe-clips shown regularly on Kurdish television as part of the campaign by WADI and Unicef. (more…)