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Press Statement: FGM in Iran needs to be put on international agenda

9.6.2015. By Stop FGM Middle East. Female genital mutilation (FGM) is practiced in Iran as well as in many other countries not on the list of Unicef highlighting 29 countries in Africa and the Middle East. Now, finally this fact is widely recognized and published in international media after the social anthropologist Kameel Ahmady released his comprehensive study on FGM/C in Iran.

Ahmady and his team have surveyed 3000 women and 1000 men in Iran over the course of ten years. The research shows that FGM is practiced by Sunni minorities in West Azerbaijan, Kurdistan, Kermanshah and Hormozgan. Repeated surveys in the same regions show that the practice is in decline, yet still highly prevalent in some areas. In Western Azerbaijan prevalence has dropped from 39% to 21% today. In Hormozghan 68% affirmed to be mutilated in 2011 while only 60% said so in 2014.


The Organization for Islamic Cooperation calls to end FGM

An OIC Statement dating March 11, 2013:
The FGM is unfortunately only one of many cultural practices that are disguised as part of religious tradition. Child marriage, violence against women as well as other negative acts perpetuated are often misidentified as being part of Islamic tradition, whereas they are part of the local tradition and we should raise awareness at the local level to de-link these practices from religion. (…)
One activity that we can all take part in is to organize public awareness campaigns about the FGM, and other issue-specific campaigns to ensure that all people receive information regarding the negative impacts of violence against women. This can happen through community gatherings, radio, television, social media, mass text messaging, social media and other forms of media.