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IRAQI KURDISTAN: WADI shifts attitudes toward Female Genital Mutilation

Christian Peacemakers, 4.11.2013.

by Rosemarie Milazzo

Falah Muradkhan addresses the media

On 30 October 2013, CPT’s partner organization, WADI Iraq office, organized a press conference—which media representatives from six major Kurdish satellite channels and several newspapers attended —about the decline in Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in Kurdistan.  The WADI project coordinator, Falah Muradkhan said his organization had called the press conference because of the huge international attention stirred up on the topic caused by the recent BBC World and BBC Arabic’s airing of two documentaries and the reporting of the Guardian newspaper.

WADI used this occasion to present new data about the FGM situation in Kurdistan and WADI’s current activities.  Two years ago, the Kurdistan Regional Government banned FGM as part of a wide-ranging law to improve women’s rights, after years of grassroots campaigning run by activist and civil society organizations, including WADI.  In a region where honor killings still happen, journalists write about Kurdistan as a “rare success story.” Read full article