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FGM in Indonesia still of great concern

29.1.2015. By Stop FGM Middle East.

Last week, the United Nations Human Rights Committee has demanded that Indonesia submits its overdue report on Human Rights. According to the UNHR Committee the development in Indonesia is not positive except concerning female genital mutilation (FGM). In contradiction to this statement Stop FGM Middle East points out that FGM has unfortunately not been abandoned, the legal situation is vague and girls are still regularly mutilated. (more…)

HRW: Yemen: No Justice for Past Abuses

Reforms Needed on Child Marriage, Women’s Rights

29.1.2015. (Sanaa) Yemen’s government has not followed up on promises to take decisive measures to ensure justice for past human rights violations, Human Rights Watch said today in its World Report 2015. The government should also pass legislation to end child marriage and female genital mutilation, and reform laws that discriminate against women.


FGM Change conference: Some thoughts on numbers and religion

28.1.2015. by Hannah Wettig (Stop FGM Middle East). One and a half hours into this European FGM conference organized by Terre des Femmes in Berlin, I know we have a lot of challenges in front of us. I haven’t heard the word “Asia” yet, but more than a dozen times “Africa”. This could just be due to the topic of this conference: “Promoting Change towards the abandonment of FGM in Practicing Communities across the EU” which sounds more universal than it is. It is actually about the change agent project supported by the European Union’s Daphne Program. Change agents are people from migrant communities who are promoting the abandonment of FGM within their communities. The designers of the project selected 17 countries where migrants from “practicing communities” come from – or at least this is what I heard on the conference, I can’t find it on the web later on. It seems like all of these 17 are in Africa. (more…)

Middle East Online: Egypt doctor gets 2 years in jail for fatal female circumcision

26.1.2015. CAIRO – An Egyptian appeals court on Monday sentenced a doctor to more than two years in jail for performing a female circumcision that killed a teenage girl, overturning an acquittal. A lower court in November had acquitted the doctor and the father of 14-year-old Sohair al-Bataa in the first such case brought to the courts since the procedure was banned in 2008.


Weekly Standard: Female Genital Mutilation a Growing Problem in Iran

20.1.2015. by Irfan Alawi and Stephen Schwartz

The hideous practice of female genital mutilation (FGM) is neither an exclusively Muslim nor a principally Middle Eastern phenomenon. It exists among non-Muslims through wide areas of Africa.

But in Iraq and Iran, FGM is mainly associated with Kurds. The Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) in Iraq, which is fighting against the terrorists of the so-called “Islamic State,” has pursued a substantive effort to eradicate FGM. As reported here, the KRG parliament introduced legislation prohibiting FGM in 2007. The law was passed in 2011 and forbade, additionally, child marriage, so-called “honor murders,” and other abuses suffered typically by women. In 2010, the KRG health ministry produced a plan to eliminate FGM and called on Islamic clergy to condemn the custom. (more…)

Combating FGM in Kurdistan: Some Statements of the Activists

18.01.2015; By Haje Keli, Wadi

As the activities of WADI against Female genital mutilation (FGM) in Iraqi Kurdistan enter another year in cooperation with local organizations and supported by UNICEF and HIVOS, a number of members of the various organizations collaborating on this effort have provided some feedback after about half a year of work on the project. (more…)

Yearly Report 2013-14

11.1.2015 by Stop FGM Middle East

Stop FGM Middle East was founded as a website and a small research project in early 2013 with the aim of making the existence of FGM in the Middle East and Asia outside of Africa public. In August 2013 we started working with a small team to bring together activists from the Middle East and push the issue on the agenda of international organizations, national governments, religious representatives, the media and non-governmental organizations.

Here is our public report of the first year of our work. (more…)

BBC reports in Persian about FGM in Kurdistan

9.1.2015. by Stop FGM Middle East. BBC Farsy (persian) broadcasted a report about female genital mutilation (FGM) in Iraqi Kurdistan and our work in Iraq, especially the TV campaign showing one of the new advertisements against FGM. This is a good start for a broader discussion about FGM in Iran where FGM is also prevalent in the provinces of Kurdistan, Western Azarbaijan, Kermanshah, Illam, Lorestan and Hormozghan. (more…)